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Mivan shuttering cleaning - Jaiban Organics

Jaiban Organics is specialize in manufacturing of Aluminium shuttering cleaning chemical. We provide innovative chemical solutions for cleaning mivan formwork plates.
We believe in quality & total customer satisfaction. Most of all top builders all over world are our clients.

S-Form Aluminium Formwork Cleaning Chemical - Jaiban Organics


S-Form aluminium formwork cleaning chemical

Jaiban Organics is Mivan shuttering formwork system cleaning chemical provider company that believes in removing concrete build-up on aluminium shuttering plates.

S-Form Mivan shuttering formwork system cleaning solution to removing rust and concrete build-up on aluminium formwork. It quickly removes hardened concrete & saving labour time in grinding and cleaning. The oxidation and corrosion of aluminium plate will not occur by using our chemical.
S-Form Mivan shuttering cleaning process :-

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How to use Aluminium Shuttering Cleaner

Aluminium Shuttering Cleaner
1. Always use safety goggles, rubber gloves, shoes before handling this chemical.
2. Area of operation should be open & airy with good air circulation.
3. Deep aluminium shuttering piece.
4. Solution level should be 10 cm above the top aluminium shuttering piece.
5. Wait for 5 minutes.
6. Rinse with water & dry.
7. Dispose off solution after neutralizing the solution.